We design and produce injection moulds

Our mould designers assist the client in every step of the project, from the study of the particular to the approval of the mould, and they ensure maximum flexibility. Our fleet of machinepremits high performances in terms of time schedules and quality standards.

The services we offer are:

eps plastic injection moulding mould catia 3d design technical office plastica stampi componenti

CAD & CAM design

Our technical office is provided with the last design CAD and CAM systems and softwares. The previous is used to 3d design the mould, the latter defines the tool paths, useful for machining performed on sophisticated 3, 4 and 5-axes CNC machining centers.

Mould realization and design for automotive companies - eps plastica stampi componenti


Our workshop can count on a super qualified staff and on modern machineries, this guarantee more efficiency and a faster realization of the moulds which means a reduction of manufacturing costs.

Maintenance and repairing of injection moulds - eps plastica stampi componenti

Mould maintenance

We use optical measurement technologies to identify breakages or dameges in the moulds in order to fix them. The maintenance increase the endurance of the mould and guarantees the quality of the injection moulding.

Testng of injection moulds -eps plastica stampi componenti

Mould testing

With the collaboration of the moulding unit we offer a test and pre-series service with the same conditions and performances as those which are used for the serial production.

Project cycle

The process which leads to the realisation of the mould requires several steps. Ever since the client makes an offer, all is based on the process programming which is at the basis of whole the cycle, however we believe that the key of the entire process is the flexibility among the steps.


Project presentation

The project is provided by the client who clearly outlines constraints and relevant aspects of the product for which the mould is going to be designed.

Analysis and discussion

After a discussion with the client, the product must be optimized in terms of feasibility. Then, it’s time to evaluate the technical solutions to adapt (shrinkage, deformation, material flux and rationalization of the mould for its proper functioning) in order to maximize the quality of product and the satisfaction of the client.

Programming of the phases

The programming part is the most important part of the manufacturing process. In this part work times, competencies and guide lines are accurately defined.

3D design

Particulars and adjustments of the mould can be defined with the support of a 3d modeling software, in our case Catia.

CAM programming

With the support of our CAM programming software, WorkNC, toolpaths, electrodes and computer numeric control machining operations are managed.


The mould undergoes several processes through different tools of our workshop, including milling cutters, drilling machines, lathes, electrodes and numeric control machines.

Mould test

The mould test phases is the final part of the process. In order to evaluate the quality, the performance and the result, the mould is assebled and, if deemed appropriate, adjusted following the same cycle.


Thanks to several dimensional measurements the mould is tested and optimized in order to guarantee the quality of the final product.


Here you can find some products injection moulded with a EPS mould.

eps plastic injection moulding mould punta fresa design plastica stampi componenti
eps plastic injection moulding mould steel plastica stampi componenti

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